Full Sail university portfolio

Video Games

From June 2017 to November 2019, I had studied as an online student pursuing a Bachelor's Degree at Full Sail University. In my time there I've touched base with 3D Modeling, Animation, Unity3D and Unreal Engine game building along with scripting in C#.


Below you will see snippets of projects I've completed in my time there.

Pong! - January 2018

"Pong!" Was one of the first projects I've created in my time at Full Sail. As it is important to showcase your best work, it's also important to showcase where it all began.

Please enjoy my version of "Pong!" with all of the original glitches and simplistic art that was used in 2018. If you happen to get stuck. Click "Main Menu" Enjoy!

CellarScape - March 2019

CellarScape is an entirely original project created between a classmate of mine and myself. We cooperatively created the level design, scripting and art of the game.

The game has quite the amount of content to load, please excuse the load time.

I worked alongside Matthew Hatzel, You can view his portfolio here.


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