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Level Design

Below is an example of a level a player would be expected to play through. 

The Bogota Bunker

Time of day:  Dusk

Climate / Weather: Partly Cloudy

Geographic region: An abandoned bunker codenamed Bogota near the Bastions. It is very apparent that the structure is being reclaimed by nature. The structure itself has nine unique areas. The Entrance/Lobby, The Security Room, The Main Hallway,The Observation Deck, The Storage Room, The Reactor Room, and Three Testing Facilities. There are other minor objects such as catwalks and staircases that connect the rooms, observation deck and hallway together.

Player Goal: The player’s goal is to reactivate the core to the reactor in order to obtain access to the testing facilities. These facilities hold crucial samples that could provide endless renewable energy for the Bastions. Upon reactivating the core, and obtaining the energy samples, the player is made aware of a secret Bastion already running off of the renewable energy at an undisclosed location.


The player must restore power to the reactor and access panels in each of the facilities that unlocks the energy samples. However, after the reactor is brought back online, a security protocol shuts down access to the testing facilities. The player must return to the security office and hit a manual override before the reactor shuts down again.

Secondary Goal:

Collect audio logs scattered around the bunker for extra in game currency.


Featured Asset: The Main Reactor, Secondary Assets: Reactor’s control panels and the security panel. The reactor is a large power source for the facility. This has its own separate room that distributes throughout the facility. When the reactor is activated, it emits a light humming noise and the lights from the facility transition from the emergency backup, to fully illuminated. The secondary assets also come online after the reactor is reactivated (Three Facility Panels, Security Panel). After the panels have been accessed, a symbol appears on a monitor of the panel (Alpha, Beta, Omega). Once the panels have been accessed, the player is then able to unlock the testing chamber within the room that holds the energy sample.

Setup Details: 

Two Major, higher scope mechanics/setups


1. Pressure Activated Plates: The plates react to the player standing on top of them. These will be primarily used to open and close doors or to wake up panels from their sleep mode. They may also be utilized to access smaller areas that hold collectible items, a player may need to place a piece of rubble or a block on top of the pressure plate in order for them to collect the item in time.

  1. Introduce: The player will be introduced to this mechanic in the main lobby, they will be required to stand on top of the pressure plate in order to access the security room and every room afterwards.

  2. Practice: The player will need to use more of the plates in order to navigate throughout the facility

  3. Mastery: The player will need to activate specific pressure plates under a specific amount of time before the sequence resets.


2. Conveyor Belts: These can be used by the player for faster transport, or to move objects throughout the area. After power is restored, they will run perpetually until power is disturbed.

  1. Introduce: The player will need to rely on conveyor belts to navigate to the research facilities as the condition of the catwalks build have severely deteriorated.

  2. Practice: The player will need to time their jumps properly between conveyor belts in order to avoid falling to their death.

  3. Mastery: The player will need to use a conveyor belt to move rubble/objects onto a pressure plate in order to access a room or exit.

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