Logo TIME!

XIIIth Dimension has gone through numerous changes, from the spelling of the name, to the color scheme even down to the logo. As the studio plans to launch we're reaching a part in our foundation where we've finally set things into place. On this page you will find partners XIIIth Dimension has worked with to bring this idea into fruition!

We welcome new partners and service providers that are willing to join XIIIth Dimension...forever in the gray area.

All XIIIth Dimension Logo animations will be created with Renderforest.

Why you may ask?

Renderforest offers a plethora of options when it comes to making professional videos, logos, websites and animations. I stumbled across this website when looking to animate the studio logo. It was surprising to see how easy and "plug and play" the studio Renderforest offers is. With pricing that fits your needs on an individual video basis, quality, or even a subscription. Renderforest offers the flexibility to meet the needs of content creators whether they are a AAA company, or a single independent creator. Their support team was very eager to assist me with all of my questions of their content offerings and extremely responsive! This sealed the deal for me when it came deciding on who would animate.

Please give their website a gander! Upload your logo, and get a FREE 360p render download of it.

Check it out here!

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